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Best Radiator Repair Tool To Help You Repair All Kinds Of Radiator Problems.

Ruian Sherrock Auto Part could supply a lot of different radiator repair tools.Such as radiator repair kit,radiator cleaner,radiator leak tester,radiator welding,radiator solder,radiator cap,radiator filler neck and so on.We also constant launch a lot of new radiator repair tools.


Clogged radiator repair and radiator repair tool

The radiator is used as a heat dissipation device of the car. As far as its material is concerned, the metal is not resistant to corrosion, so it should be avoided to contact with corrosive solutions such as acids and alkali to avoid damage. For car radiators, clogging is a very common failure. To repair radiator clogged, soft water should be injected into the hard water. The hard water needs to be softened before injection, so as to avoid the scale caused by the car radiator clogged. The weather is cold in winter, the radiator is easy to freeze and swell and freeze, so the antifreeze should be added to avoid the freezing of water. In daily use, the water level should be checked at any time, and the water should be added after the shutdown and cooling down. When adding water to the car radiator, the radiator cap should be opened slowly, and the body of the operator and other operators should be kept away from the radiator filler neck as much as possible to prevent the high-pressure high-temperature oil and gas from being sprayed out of the water outlet to cause burns.


Leak radiator repair and radiator repair tool

If radiator leak and break of fin,the following radiator repair tool and method can be used
1. Soldering or glue repair method(Such as our radiator repair kit,radiator welding and radiator solder)
When fin of radiator is not damaged seriously and the crack is small, it can be repaired directly by soldering or glue repairing(Such as our radiator repair kit and radiator welding). When the rupture is large, a thin copper sheet can be applied for welding or glue repair.
2 Tube blocking method and takeover method
For a few heat sensors with serious water leakage (generally no more than 10% of the total number of tubes, and evenly distributed in the outer layer), the rupture can be cut off, and the incision is plugged with radiator solder or radiator glue dead. It is best to use the connecting method, that is, to cut off the damaged pipe segment. Take a suitable size of the oil pipe. The two ends are slightly enlarged. After being connected with the heat pipe sleeve, seal it by radiator solder or radiator glue.
3 Tube replacement method
Repairing the radiator with the plugging method will reduce the cooling effect, so under the conditions, the tube replacement method should be used to repair. The process is as follows:
a.Disintegration of radiator. Use a gasoline torch to heat and dissolve the soldering joint between the radiator, the sewage chamber and the bottom plate. Remove the upper and lower water chambers and clamp the radiator core
On the radiator repair frame, use a copper strip with a shape and size similar to the inner hole of the heat pipe to broadcast the heat pipe to be replaced. Pull back and forth several times to remove the scale in the pipe.
b. The preparation of the resistance strip, according to the cross-sectional shape and size of the heat dissipation tube. Use nickel iron resistance wire 50~70mm longer than the heat dissipation tube to make the corresponding resistance
The length of the strip is left 20 nim at each end of the strip. The rest is coated with a mixture of glass and talc, and the surface is smoothed after drying. The outer diameter is slightly smaller than the inner hole size of the heat pipe.
c. Melt off the extraction tube, insert the resistance strip into the heat pipe to be replaced. Connect the 12-24 V AC power supply at both ends. 
When the temperature of the resistance bar rises to 800-850 degrees Celsius around Imin, the solder of the heat dissipation tube and the heat sink and the upper and lower base plates are melted, and then the power is turned off. While the heat is hot, use the flat-nose pliers to pump the heat dissipation tube together with the resistance bar. If the solder of the heat dissipation tube and the bottom plate is not easy to melt off, it can be heated and melted off with a gasoline spray gun while the resistance bar is heated.
d. Weld the new tube, choose a good heat dissipation tube with solder on the surface, and heat it with a resistance strip. Melt the solder between the heat dissipation tube and the heat sink, and pull out the resistance after power failure and cooling
Strip. Then use a gasoline blast gun to weld the heat pipe to the upper and lower bottom plates firmly, and finally perform a hydraulic pressure test on the face without leakage.

Crack radiator tank repair and radiator repair tool

Radiator tanks could repair by the following methods:
1. The up and bottom radiator tanks can be repaired by radiator welding or solder.(Such as our radiator repair kit,radiator welding and radiator solder)
2. If the cracks in the up and bottom radiator tanks are more serious and cannot be recovered by welding,the up and bottom radiator tanks assembly parts can be replaced separately.
3. If the original radiator tank is older, it can also be repaired by radiator welding or solder.(Such as our radiator repair kit,radiator welding and radiator solder).
4. Without affecting the excessive heat dissipation performance of the reverberation heat dissipation system, some pipelines can be completely blocked when the repair is invalid, but it is necessary to consider whether the heat dissipation standards of the relevant vehicles are met.
5. It is recommended to replace a new radiator tank when it is repaired or handled by the above method without answer.

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